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Welcome to my personal website here you can find updates on what im currently working on, scrapped ideas, and my portfolio.

Currently my commissions are closed!


Email: dotagotchi@gmail.com

Discord: @dotagotchi

Update Log

Update 2/3/24

I have finally processed all of my art into compressed files and thumbnails! Still lots of implementation work to do and lots of bugs to fix ah :'D alas we fight on.

Update 10/22/23

Fixed the about image! Hopefully will have the rest of the site including the gallery functional soon before the new year! School and work have been kicking my ass but here I still am : )

Update 9/12/23

After a short hiatus due to school work and life being busy I am very close to setting this website to launch (yay!). All I need to do is finish some final tweaking here and there and we'll be set to launch! :)
This website will also probably be a prepetual WIP just because I am a perfectionist by nature and updating and fixing things will always be something that happens here!

Update 7/23/23

I am in the process of building the site yaaay!


If you want to link to my page here you go!

<a href="https://dotagotchi.com/" target="_blank"><img src="https://dotagotchi.com/dot_button_jp.png"> </a>

Dot Bear Shrine

Place dedicated to all the images of the bear I have! Please check out all the awesome artists that have drawn my fursona!